Sunday, January 30, 2011

Brotherhood of the Traveling (and burning) Pants, Part II

What a difference a year makes

Since the "underwear bomber" (or should I say the TSA useful idiot?) tried to roast his huevos rancheros, we've seen the most outrageous infringements of the 4th Amendment ever upon American Citizens. Nude ray scanners. Breasts exposed and fondled in public to laughing TSA thugs. Genitals fondled and women even claiming to have been penetrated. A former Governor suing due to the same.

Not one terrorist arrested in all this time by the TSA - yet more than a few American Citizens blacklisted and/or arrested for standing up for their rights.

Raison d'etre? The damned underwear bomber!

Well, it turns out that two attorneys were on the same flight as this "bomber" - and they firmly believe that the U.S. Government allowed this scum on the plane with the faux bomb. A must see:

YouTube: Kurt Haskell's Damning Testimony

First off, they mention a well-dressed individual in Amsterdam helping the bomber on the flight - without a passport - and this individual was an American. The explosive was most likely a road flare ground up and inserted into the Nigerian's underwear.

Have we forgotten about the suspicious passenger who filmed throughout the entire flight - that stood and continued to film when the flames errupted? Where is that film? In the age of YouTube you would imagine it would be uploaded in a New York Minute. Unless it was taken by some federal operative or confiscated by one.

Follow the Money

In the months following the attempted bombing, lucrative x-ray imagers were installed throughout the United States - hawked by none other than former DHS chief Michael Chertoff. This stinks to high heaven - these tyrants not only strip us of our privacy in the name of a fake terror event, but funnel the Treasury into their own pockets at the same time!

This is what I wrote last year:
I'm completely skeptical about this being a credible terrorist effort. Either the Nigerian was incompetent (quite possible) or something else is afoot...
What can you do?

Have your Representative or Senator pressure the Homeland Security Appropriations Subcommittee to drastically reduce funding for this illegal and unconstitutional agency.

I've been in government acquisitions for some time. In that time I've learned that the lifeblood of a bureaucracy is not red, it is green. That green is your hard-earned tax dollars. If you want to threaten a soviet-style federal department, you must go after it's blood source.

Delicious Resistance

The ironic thing about this post is that I'm publishing it within TSA's secure zone within a major airport. In this day and age of tyranny and terror, one must grab his small joys while he can.

- Hugh Farnham

Editors note:  Apologies to Hugh, Shane and Jersey.  This was posted for about an hour Friday.  I mistakenly thought this was an accidental repost and pulled it down.  Hugh's been traveling and I've been working long hours and we didn't communicate.  Anyway, here it is again, featured on a Sunday.  Enjoy!  --  Silverfiddle


Shane Atwell said...

Excellent post. Would not extending the Patriot act help? I haven't researched it, but I know its up for renewal about now.

Jersey McJones said...

I would love to at least try to understand why anyone would think extending the patriot act" would actually help in this matter!


Fear is a wonderful profit generator. Unfortunately, it is pretty much just a drain on the state and economy, with little intrinsic value. In this case, it is a drain on the state, the economy, and our liberty.

All we need is a well-trained, well-equipped, constitutionally constructed force of air marshalls to keep an eye on things. Hell, the Europeans figured that out years ago. We're just too stupidly worried about the "freedom" of profiteers to take advantage of fear to see the forest from the trees.


Finntann said...

WOW Jersey, we're in complete agreement, isn't that something? LOL

Jersey McJones said...



Will said...

While my comments have been rare, I do read "Western Hero," just about everyday, and believe this is the first time I agree with Jersey McJones. When the Patriot Act was first enacted, my initial reaction was, god help us when Demorats are in power. This type of thing is tailor made for tyranny; something the left has been salivating for for about a hundred years or more.

We should privatize air security and take the lead from the Israeli's. Their record for not having terrorism in airports or in the air is second to none... and they have a thing or two to be concerned about! ;) But knowwwww, Big Sis says we can't have such an option.

Shane Atwell said...

Sorry for the unclear grammar. I was wondering if the Patriot Act should NOT be renewed. But a quick check indicates that the Patriot Act just gives the DHS extra powers/information unrelated to this particular incident and the TSA.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

This does not surprise me in the least if it is true.

I have been saying from day one that the Patriot Act and Department of Homeland Security has more to do with controlling us then it has to do with protecting us. For proof, just look at the border issue.

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