Monday, January 3, 2011

Death of Common Sense is Killing America

Why is common sense so uncommon in government?

Candy Crowly, one of the few serious jouralists left in America besides Jake Tapper, pressed Janet Napoleonitano about the naked porn scanners in a recent interview.  Big Sis admitted that they have no idea what impact the contraptions have on potential terrorists.
“What we know is that you can’t measure [how] the devices … are deterring [terrorists] from going on a plane,” Napolitano said.
“Just people who just are discouraged, thinking they’d be found out,” said Crowley.
“Exactly,” said Napolitano. (Politico)
How convenient. A multimillion dollar scheme whose effectiveness cannot be measured.  How can I get a job like that?  No way to tell if I'm doing my job, so you just have to keep paying me!  This borders on criminal.  Roger Simon at politico puts the icing on the cake…
In which case, we do not need machines that cost upward of $130,000 each.
All we need are archways made out of $30 or $40 worth of sheet metal that are labeled: “Official Destructo Machine — If You Are a Terrorist, This Machine Will Not Only Zap You, but Put a Picture of Your Private Parts on YouTube.”
That ought to do it. (Politico)
You know the government stench is growing foul when even the press begins making remarks about it.

Union Leaches Kept NY City Buried in Snow

The NY Post says the New York City Sanitation Department’s slow cleanup was a budget protest. Businesses lost millions and people died as a result.

The solution to this one is easy. Fire every last one of those selfish bastards and contract it out.

Write into the contract that if the incumbent company tries this crap they will be immediately terminated and replaced by a company that actually wants to do the work.


Fredd said...

All big, blue cities are on an unsustainable track to bankruptcy, with the public unions in the driver's seat.

It's not a question as to if these enormous liberal bureacracies crash and burn under the weight of their own corruption, but when.

Leticia said...

I will vote for the $40 sheet metal "Destructo machines." I am sure that would deter anyone.

The liberals love spending our money on frivolous things. And right now there isn't a darn thing we can do about it.

I believe you are correct. Every single NYC sanitation employee who was remiss in their duties should be immediately fired.

Lives are more precious than money.

Shaw Kenawe said...

You may want to also check out the looming fiscal disasters facing two of our biggest and reddest states:

Texas and Florida.

Our biggest, most populous states, blue AND red, are not doing well.

I lived in Florida for 10 years, when the governors were Republican as well as the majority in Tallahassee. Can't blame their fiscal woes on liberals.

And Texas? What's that state's excuse?

Jersey McJones said...

The "Big Blue cities" aren't even doing that bad. I don't know where Fredd got that from. The old industrial cities of the Steel Belt have been failing for years, but to blame that on liberals or unions is just convenient ideological projection. These cites have been failing for two generations now because of deindustrialization, brought on by Free Trade, a thoroughly bipartisan whoring of America.

Blue cities, states and districts are almost universally better places to live and work, with better schools, healthcare, police, institutional and physical infrastructure, and a host of other services. The people are better off, with stabler families, higher incomes, and generally higher standards of living.

Comparing Red areas with Blue areas proves the failure of conservative governance.


Silverfiddle said...

Funny, I've reread the post and I see nothing about any red-blue comparisons.

Must be some weird liberal psychological thing...

Also, ever notice how liberals, instead of defending liberalism, start throwing mud balls at conservatism?

btw Shaw, the structural deficit of Texas is dwarfed by those of California, NY and Illinois. Plus, Texas, being a low-tax, low-leverage state, has miles of maneuver room that overtaxed, hocked to the gills blue states just don't have.

But anyway, this is all off topic since my post made so such comparisons Jersey and Shaw somehow fixated upon.

Silverfiddle said...

Oh, I see. Fredd set you off. Once again, Fredd pierces the darkness with his laser-like logic.

I guess the truth hurts.

Lisa said...

The Obama admin is really helping us recover by raising corporate taxes and energy costs.
This is how liberals compete with the rest of the world.
Where else in the world is the Corporate tax rate 35%?

Jersey McJones said...


What set us off was the UNtruth of what Fredd said. You can't just make up facts, call the m "truth," and then lambast us for being unsettled by that "truth." It would be like saying, "Oh, conservatives just get upset because they refuse to accept that the sky is green."


Jersey McJones said...


That corporate tax has always been high, even during complete majority Republican government.

I don't like corporate taxes either, and I'm as liberal as one can get.

But there's a good reason why America has such relatively high corporate taxes - because we have such relatively LOW income taxes, especially on the wealthy. And the wealthy like it that way. Corporate taxes can be passed down to the underclasses in the cost of products and services - income taxes much less so. Most small businesses (some 96%) very a negligible sum of taxes, if any at all. So, the corporate tax targets big business, which becomes essentially a sales tax on products and services purchased by the largest swath of American consumers.

The corporate tax is just a sleazy way to divert the tax burden away from the wealthy.


Lisa said...

Jersey that a crock of BS. Low income taxes?
How much is considered fair?
Do you want higher income taxes on top of everything else that we touch that is taxed?
Believe me we make up for it by taxing everything else from sales tax to gas tax,your electric bill,road use,phone bill,most if not all services and let's not forget the biggest burden property taxes.

And you think we don't pay enough?

I love the argument liberals like to use that if the wealthy would just pay their fair share everything would be honky dory.
the more you tax the rich the less revenue the governmnet brings in.

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