Monday, December 13, 2010

How to Cut the Budget

Cutting the federal budget is easy.  I saw it done in the 1990's.  The Defense Department took 30% cuts in manpower and money over the decade and came out a leaner, meaner fighting force.  The rest of the government needs the same treatment.

How do we cut the budget? Simple. 10% across the board cut. For every federal government department. Make it 15 or 20 if need be. Millions of American families have done this in the past few years, so if Obama and congress need advice, there are literally millions of citizens who could give them the push. 

How the DoD Managed 33% Cuts in the 1990's

I was in the Air Force during the Clinton 90’s. We thought it would be the end of the world when he was elected. President Clinton reaped the peace dividend and balanced the budget on our backs. Defense was the only federal program to take real budget cuts and real manpower cuts.

The cutting started under Bush Senior in 1991, and the budget never got back to 1990 real-dollar levels until the year 2000. While overall federal spending grew by 33%, the DoD budget flatlined. Total active duty manpower went from 2 million to just over 1.3 million in that same time period, a 35% cut.

President Clinton Improved our Armed Forces

I'm not bashing President Clinton.  He just reminded us the other day in the White House press room what a real president looks like. I lay out the facts to tell you that it was not the end of the world.

President Clinton's cuts forced us to slash the fat and end wasteful practices. We came out the other side a leaner, meaner fighting force. If the DoD can do it, so can every other federal bureaucracy, including Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Hand wringing over what to cut?  Remember those wasteful inefficiencies everyone keeps talking about? Slash each department's budget and those bureaucrats will be forced to find those inefficiencies and terminate them.

Let States Declare Bankruptcy

While we're at it, congress must pass a law allowing states to declare bankruptcy. That puts irresponsible states like California, New York and Illinois on notice that Uncle Sam will not shake down the taxpayer or borrow more from China to pay for their spending binges. Big Mommy and Daddy government cannot get the bills payed off just to see their reckless children return home to bleed them dry.

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OD357 said...

Several stateside military support jobs are now civilian. ( Hey it's a real drag when the base's one deep slot goes temp duty in a war zone) Recently the Prez has mandated increasing DOD civilian jobs. Here where I work, former private contractor instructor pilots were forced to convert to civil service. Nobody but the current administration wanted this. It didn't even pass the save money workup. Yet here we are. I would imagine that other federal departments did much of the same thing. Are these jobs the ones that we cut? Some progress! I hope for change.

Leticia said...

This may sound cruel, but I am for letting California, NY an Illinois drown in their debt. This will force them to take a close hard look at their money management.

No more bailouts for anyone. We have got to quit borrowing money from China.

This is too much.

Finntann said...

A 10% across the board cut while a good start is insufficient because it overlooks the worst thing the federal government does...which is redundancy of effort...

Quick, which department has the Division of Anti-trafficking in Persons?

Thought Justice? You'd be wrong, it's HHS.

I'm guessing you could cut the budget by 30% simply by eliminating redundancy.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

The sooner our government learns that that there is no such thing as being too big to fail, and that goes for cities, states and the federal government it self. If yo can't learn year after year how to live within your means and how to properly budget your money, then you deserve to fail.

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