Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gangs of Denver

How a working man in Denver lost his truck and his tools...

Mechanic Robin McAnally was driving to a work site in his GMC and needed a place to turn his rig around, so he went down a side street and as he was turning around, a woman opened the passenger side door, hopped in and offered him a Lewinski.  He turned her down, she got out and he headed back up the street.  Before he could get back onto the main thoroughfare, armed men came out of nowhere and forced him to stop and get out of his truck.

They took him to a warehouse where he realized he was not the only victim.  He was surrounded by others who had met a similar fate.  The armed men were taunting the victims as they made each man pose in front of his vehicle before it was towed away.

Criminal activity?  Depends. 
I just described a “reverse john” sting staged by the Denver Police Department.  Robin was found not guilty by a jury of his peers after only 15 minutes deliberation.

Now exonerated, Robin went down to the Denver impound yard to retrieve his truck, only to be subjected to further abuse by the City of Denver.  They informed him he must still pay $5,000 to get it back, even though he has done nothing wrong. 

Activists scream that Denver's new stricter impoundment law violates the rights of illegal immigrants since they often drive with no license, no plates, no insurance, no right to be in the country...  But not one of them stands up for a wrongly-charged man who needs his truck and tools to earn his bread.

It's about raising money, not stopping crime
Illegal immigrants rob and kill, gangs run rampant, even killing a Denver Bronco football player, but the Denver Police has nothing better to do than entrap innocent citizens trying to get through a work day?  And the city insists on collecting all fees even when they wrongly impounded the vehicle?  This is state-sponsored theft. 

These good little liberal sheeple deserve a progressive pat on the head from their statist overlords!

Local talk show host Peter Boyles featured this story on his morning show, and boy did the progressive statists come out of the woodwork to criticize this man and stand up for a tyrannical government:

One person said it served him right driving through that bad neighborhood and he should learn a lesson from it.

Many noted that the man said his truck wasn’t worth the $5,000 impound fee so he should just forget it.

Half the people in Colorado live in Denver, and the other half of us hope to hell they stay there.  Denver is now overrun with little liberal democrat minions.  All that party is left with are effete metrosexuals and shiftless welfare bums who don’t have the worries a working person does.  Tools and a vehicle are a working person’s lifeblood.  Take them away and you lose the ability to put food on the table.  That truck’s blue book value is nothing, but it would take thousands to replace it.  Liberals are out of touch with normal America.

Liberalism Destroys All It Touches

I lived in Denver when I was a young man.  It was a nice place, full of working class people, college students and downtown yuppies.  Now it’s a fetid sewer, homeless bums wandering downtown, gangs shooting it out nightly, illegal immigrants taking over whole neighborhoods and killing citizens with drunk driving and outright murder.

Liberalism twists a culture, causing a society to eat itself from the inside out like ants in a rotten log.

Denver can’t stop gangs from running rampant, and it has no will to stop illegal immigrants from bleeding the city dry, but it can sure go after law-abiding taxpayers to fund it all!  This dysfunction is not just confined to this once-great city.  This is a cancer that is progressively rotting the soul of this nation.
The heavy-handed state knows how to treat innocent citizens like criminals, but cannot stop the real criminals.  Over 3,000 people lost their lives on 9/11, but nobody lost their job.  Government officials who strip search us at airports can’t stop someone with a security clearance from harvesting a treasure trove of secrets and releasing them to the public.  Those charged with protecting us have failed, so they’ve turned on us, treating us all as criminals in the process.

Progressives dream of a Utopia America, while we realists dream of simple competence where lawbreakers are rolled up and law-abiding citizens are left to their liberties.

KDVR - Denver Scams


Lana said...

I retired and left Denver 7 years ago. It was getting bad when I left and it sounds like it has gotten worse. I don't miss the city at all.

Silverfiddle said...

It really is a crying shame, Lana.

The lunatics are running the asylum. I'm glad I live in Southern Colorado.

DeanO said...

Sad commentary on what was once a great state and city to's been 20 years since I've visited Coloarado

Anonymous said...

At what point, I ask, will you resist? Will you continue to flee to liberty loving locales, until they too, vanish?

What will it take for you to realize the system cannot be reformed from within?

When this latest batch of congressmen go "D.C. native"?

When TSA starts roadblock checkpoints "for your safety"?

When CPS enters your home because of a malicious neighbor called you in for having guns and feeding your kids organic food?

John Adams said that one of the greatest attributes of our last Revolution was that they saw the principle (overbearing government) and rejected it - before that tyranny became mired in precedent.

Mustang said...

I would like to note that in John Adams' day, the colonists didn't have anywhere to go. They had to either stay and fight, or stay and remain English. In contemporary times, we do have other choices: we can flee to other, less restrictive areas of the country. It reminds me of this saying: You can't fight city hall.

What bothers me is that there is no disctinction between whores and city officials ... except that prostitutes have more personal integrity. It sounds to me as if Denver needs a robust Tea Party movement.

Leticia said...

It really is a shame what the liberals have done to our nation. They have literally stolen many of our rights and handing on a silver platter to all the illegals.

It makes me sick to my stomach. I cannot believe illegals have more rights than Americans.

This is insanity.

Lisa said...

while they are at it the government should sue Arizona for doing the job of the government and the city of Chicago for not granting a Muslim teacher 3 weeks off to go to Mecca....oh wait they are already doing that!

The newest generator of revenue is they are making all private plane owners re-register their planes in the name of "safety" because supposedly they don't have all the proper records. Yeah I bet!

Sounds like something the UK did a way back. They were giving out bogus parking tickets to make money and then they created a separate government agency to make sure the agency giving out the parking tickets were doing their job.
In answer to the question "Are there yet"?

You betchya

Finntann said...

Not only should the city of Denver pay him $5000 for the temporary yloss of his truck and livelihood, the ought to get stuck with his legal fees as well.

The problem is the average citizen doesn't have the resources to fight the state, even when the state is wrong.

This epitomizes what is wrong with America today.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Welcome to a corrupt police state, and as things get worse, it may come to a city near you.

Anonymous said...

Violent revolution is the only way to correct the problems with our current tyranical government, just like back in 1775. But I fear that modern day Americans are to weak and cowardly to ever stand up and fight for what is right. Actualy, I know that to be the case based on how many rights citizens have already given up.

Silverfiddle said...

Gotta disagree with you on the violent revolution, Anon.

Not while we still have the ballot.

Anonymous said...

How on earth do you attribute at least two clear violations of liberty (the government taking property from an innocent person, and taking it without some sort of due process) to liberals? In my experience, it's been the liberals that protest against these sorts of things, and the "let's be hard on crime" conservatives that set up government systems in which this sort of thing can happen.

I'm not just a liberal, I'm a socialist, and I'm appalled by all-too-common situations such a this one.

Silverfiddle said...

Hi Anon,
My views have evolved somewhat since I wrote this. I would now attribute it, with all apologies to Hayek, to the statist progressives of all parties.

Having said that however, Denver is a liberal Democrat city. A Republican can't get elected dog catcher, so in this case, the shoe fits.

You should visit

We are libertarian, and we get some good, smart push-back from our left, including from one self-described Marxist. We'd be happy to see you join the chorus.

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