Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Reading

Saturday readership is always low here at Western Hero, so it's a good time for me to do a "link dump."  I bookmark interesting stuff intending to blog about it, but alas, there just isn't enough time...

Build your walls with cannon balls
Intellectual Ammo, the tab at the top of this blog, contains a treasure trove of original thinking on timeless issues.  No opinion pieces, just authoritative government data and think tanks.  If you enjoy shooting it out with libs and converting the undecided, go get your ammo!

US sovereign debt is reaching scary levels, with no apparent way down.  Here's just one reason why:  Obama and the Pelosicrats' spending is locked in forever...
A good percentage of the structural increase in the deficit is because last year’s “stimulus” was not stimulus in the traditional sense. Rather than a one-time injection of spending to replace a cyclical reduction in private demand, the vast majority of the stimulus has been a permanent increase in the base level of government spending — including spending on federal jobs. (NY Times)
Here's a good Bloomberg article on Debt and Taxes
The writer plays it down the middle, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of letting the Bush tax cuts expire.  Good analysis of our fiscal position and what our options are.

What is Populism?
The left hates the tea party because it has taken on a populist tone, and populism is supposed to be their gig.   Henry Olson at American Enterprise Institute has written an excellent history of Populism in America, Populism, American Style

Finally, Peggy Noonan writes, America is at risk of boiling over.


Fredd said...


Just wait until college football season is in full swing. You think Saturday readership is low now, in about 4 weeks you will actually hear the crickets chirping at Western Hero, clear as a bell.

Or, at least from Fredd's perspective. Go Oregon Ducks.

Fredd said...

PS> As a Colorado guy, you must know that the Buffalos are now in the PAC-10 along with the Mighty Fighting Ducks, and accordingly are now on Fredd's 'watch list.'

You must feel honored.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, it's going to be an exciting season. I can actually remember when the Buffs sucked so bad nobody outside of Colorado had even heard of them.

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