Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Libertarian Defense of the Religious Right

The Goose-Stepping progressives are on the march against Christianity and traditional American values

Social Conservatives have been fighting the good fight against radical Islam and gay marriage, and doing it with tact and logic, sending the knee-jerk, lock-step left into bug-eyed apoplectic seizures.  Whatever normal Americans are for, the anti-American left is against. 

They call support for civil partnerships hatred, although this solution would grant gay couples the rights to all that a heterosexual couple have excepting the word marriage.

They are reduced to planting agents provocateur at tea party rallies in order to get pictures of "racists."

They've been screaming since the Reagan 80's about the dangers of a Christian theocracy, while ignoring blown up buildings, decapitations, genital mutilation, and routine killings of adulteresses and homosexuals by the poor misunderstood Muslims.  It can't be easy maintaining such studied ignorance...

Here's the best defense of Christianity in the public arena that I have read to date, and it's written by an agnostic libertarian.

Engineer extraordinaire, professor, pundit, and committed hard-core libertarian Randall Hoven has written a piece in the American Thinker entitled, A Libertarian Defense of Social Conservatism. He defends social conservatism better than social conservatives do.

He exposes the angry left as the truly intolerant social engineers who use legislation and the courts to boss the rest of us around.  In the midst of all this cultural combat, this is a real morale boost.
The most obvious point to me is that it is the do-gooding liberals who are telling us all what we can and can't do.

The religious right usually just wants to be left alone, either to home school, pray in public or not get their children vaccinated with who-knows-what. Inasmuch as the "religious right" wants some things outlawed, they have failed miserably for at least the last 50 years.

Abortion, sodomy, and pornography are now all Constitutional rights. However, praying in public school is outlawed, based on that same Constitution.

I must say, even as an agnostic, something is creepy about a government that outlaws Nativity scenes at City Hall, but subsidizes Piss Christ. That tries to disband the Boy Scouts but promotes gay marriage. That disallows even voluntary, student-led prayer at public school, but teaches children how to put on condoms.

What is so funny about Bill Maher's Religulous? What is so bad about Sarah Palin hoping to do God's will or praying for His guidance?
Religious Conservatives can embrace core principles, keep our traditional values, and still attract small government and libertarian agnostics to our cause. Onward Christian (and Jewish) soldiers!


Trestin said...

It's all about destroying religion. At least traditional religion. They do not like anything that competes with an all powerful state.

They want to tax and even prosecute those who will not give in to the gay agenda.

Fredd said...

It may be even more base than liberals fearing that religion threatens the power of the state: liberals want chaos. No rules. If it feels good, do it. With chaos reigning supreme, the liberals are just the folks to preside over it. Religion evokes morals, standards and subserviance to God.

Liberals don't want to be held up to any kind of standard as they would always be coming up short; of course they would choose to reign in hell than serve in Heaven.

Lone Wolf said...

Interesting people in the pic at the top of the post. Pelosi, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, Chucky Schumer. Know what all these people have in common?

Members of the "tribe".

Most Rev. Gregori said...

If America becomes truly Communist, and it will once we become socialist,
the gays, and the "if it feels good, do it" groups, along with the Hollywood crowd, will be among the first to face the gallows, guillotine, firing squads, stoning, right after the Christians and the patriots.

Mustang said...

The logic is impeccable. What defies logic is that while liberals promote queer lifestyles and condemn Christians for arguing on behalf of the sanctity of marriage being between a man and a woman, those same liberals embrace Islam, which is unquestionably deadly to anyone engaging in homosexual activity. Thus, when these same liberals enable intolerant Islam, they condemn themselves —most of whom were probably queer in college.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah, Mustang, the inherent illogic of liberalism is a sight to behold...

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