Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mile High Miscarriage of Justice

If this don’t make your blood boil, I don’t know what will...
WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - Admitted thieves are going free, while an elderly Wheat Ridge man is facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars, all, he says, for trying to defend his property and his life. (Fox 31 - Denver)
Two illegal immigrants (who had been arrested and released various times in Denver) tried to steal an 82 year-old man’s flatbed trailer and he shot one of the slimeballs as they were getting away. What did the Jefferson County DA do? He let the immigrants go and charged the armed citizen with four counts of attempted murder. 

This is no surprise to Coloradans. We are a fairly libertarian state suffering a liberal red rash running from Denver, through the People’s Republic of Boulder and up to Fort Collins.

ICE agents arrested both illegal scumbags and are holding them on a $100,000 bond!  Kudos to local morning talk jock Peter Boyles.  Rumor has it Bill O'Reilly may pick up the story.  All that's left is for Jefferson County DA Scott Storey to climb down and admit what a gross injustice his office has inflicted on the 82 year old Robert Wallace.  
"Even if we want to, we can't just go shoot someone in our front yard"

That's what the nattering nanny says on the 9 News video.  I say Bull!  Notice the progressive use of "we can't just..."  Who says?  Defending one's property is a natural right of free people.  If more scumbag robbers were shot, there would be less robberies.     

Denver has been a de facto sanctuary city for years

When Governor Bill Ritter was DA, he routinely caught and released illegal immigrant criminals, freeing them up to drive drunk, rape and kill. When confronted with the death and destruction he had caused, he reached for the liberal playbook and blamed “the system.”

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, “The Looper,” denies the sanctuary city charge, but ask anyone who lives there, where East Colfax now looks like Little Jalisco. The Looper wants to be our next governor, but the little Howdy Doody got caught gushing over Van Jones like a lovesick teen...

Earth to Little Looper!  Colorado is an energy industry state!


Anonymous said...

Try as I might, I can't get into the head of a DA who would arrest an innocent homeowner, yet let some guilty illegals free.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism doesn't make sense. It's all about feeeeeeelings!

Linda said...

Further proof that the world truly is upside down right now. Truth IS stranger than fiction after all, which is so frustrating to those of us who prefer life to be at least logical.

A Suburban Voter said...

Welcome to the brave new world. In England, tackle a scumbag who's about to mug you & you're arrested & charged with assault. That's the modern way apparently.
And a dad who disciplined his son who carried out criminal damage (the boy got a slap off dad) ended up in court.

Always On Watch said...

"Even if we want to, we can't just go shoot someone in our front yard"

Why the hell not if those in the front yard have plans to raid and possibly kill the property owner?

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Damn, and I thought Michigan had a disease?

Leticia said...

Liberalism is a ravenous disease and it is spreading.

I cannot believe that poor, innocent, old man was charged for attempted murder! He had every right to defend his property. What was he supposed to do watch as these vile people walked off with his property and do nothing, but smile and wave goodbye?

Heck no!! He did what every normal American would do, defend what is ours.

This is maddening.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Its Orwellian truly Silver!

Lisa said...

What do you expect when you have a president suing a state?
Liberalism gone viral.

Finntann said...

The math escapes me... how do you get four charges of attempted first degree murder by shooting twice at two people? What each shot theoretically could have it either guy, so each shot is two charges?

From the Jeffco DA office press release:

On July 12, 2010 Damacio Torres-Ochoa and Alvaro Cardona-De Lorea appeared in custody and were advised by Judge Thomas Vance. Judge Vance lowered their $100,000.00 bonds to $27,500.00 for Torres-Ochoa and $25,000.00 for Cardona-De Lorea.

Torres-Ochoa and Cardona-De Lorea were arrested on Wheat Ridge Police Department probable cause warrants for Class 3 Felony Theft and other charges in connection with a trailer theft in February 2010, that left Cardona-DeLoera with a gunshot wound to the face.

Funny there is no press release regarding the shooting.

Here is a link to Robert Wallace's arrest affidavit:


There is also a good article here:


Given the description of the injuries, "Alvaro Cardona-De Lorea, was shot through the eye, leaving him with brain damage and a disfigured skull" (check the picture at the above link), the shooter was obviously in front of the suspects and vehicle, at risk of being run down, and obviously at risk of his life.

Drop the charges against Wallace.

Charge the two illegals with attempted murder.

Mr Wallace's only mistake was in talking with police without a lawyer, lying, and then providing them the gun and a confession. Long gone are the days where government actually looked out after the interests of its citizens.


Silverfiddle said...

Yeah Finn, and Howdy Doody Looper is layin' real low on this one...

The liberal escapees from their failed liberal states are trying to Californicate Colorado, but we are fighting back!

I predict charges will be dropped. The Dingbat Obamatard DA just has to figure out a way to save face.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I think America is on the verge of a complete blow up. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Obama and the rest of the leftist morons are pushing us right into a race war and I think it is close.

For those who may not have seen the Glenn Beck show this evening, I have posted it on my blog. It is a MUST see and a real eye-opener and has a message that people need to hear.

Endo_2011 said...

I bet there were riots in the streets when the illegals were arrested!

what a fiasco!

Ray said...

thanks for commenting SF...Once O'brother started fighting Arizona he made it official he's not a 'man of any people' and only 'ideology'.

Cowardly Politicians like their sheep unarmed and this is part of that end.

They'll lift this charge now I hope.

The 'clueless on the job training' O-cabal governs by blog and committee, first seeing how the wind blows and then reacting, usually months later, unless a black guy's involved. THEN, it's instantaneous..like the Cambridge idiot brutha 'Gates'.

Silverfiddle said...

Even worse, Ray, is we have tards in this state like Hickenlooper fawning all over Obama and his socialist buddies...

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