Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Liberal Lies about Taxes

What is it with liberals and taxes?  
Despite all real-world evidence to the contrary, liberals see higher taxes as the solution to every fiscal problem.  The chart at the bottom of the post refutes this.  States with the highest levels of taxation have the worst economies and the greatest debt.  Low taxation states have healthier economies and less debt.

It Takes a Crime-Ridden Village...
The New York Times, in detailing Illinois’s budget crisis, steers clear of facts and instead plucks the liberal heartstrings by focusing on community organizer agencies...
...holding together poor and working-class neighborhoods. With an annual budget of $16 million, the agency tends to families torn by crime and violence as well as people who are psychologically stressed and abusing drugs.
Jail the violent criminals and the drug pushers and you won’t have “families torn by crime” and “people psychologically stressed and abusing drugs.”  There you go!  $16 million saved, and these counselors and their helpless wards are now free to pursue real jobs!

Of course, you need a good business climate in order to put people to work.  Last time I checked, businesses and the rich people who own them are where the jobs come from, and the data shows that a low tax environment creates jobs.  

New York Times:  Fueling Liberal Ignorance
The Times ignores all reality and repeats that tired liberal refrain that calls for more taxes.  They state:
“The state’s income tax burden is not terribly high — Illinois ranks in the bottom half of states”   
True statement.  Personal Income Taxes are not terribly high, but every other conceivable tax is!!! ranking Illinois right around the 14th highest in the nation for overall tax burden.

News articles like this serve only to confuse the issue and add to the economic ignorance of the liberal reader.    

Here is the overall taxation chart, courtesy of The Tax Foundation.  Higher number means more taxation, lower number less.


Trestin said...

I am glad I'm fro0m Utah! If it were not for our stupid sales tax we would be in the top five.

Income is not the solution to debt on any level. I know of many wealthy men who could not pay their bills.

Linda said...

Great post! Everything you have said is the truth. I live in Illinois (downstate, thank goodness) and we are the poster state for what liberals do to an enonomy. We have had governors from both parties (many of whom end up in prison), but most think that the state is truly run by the multi-generational Daily machine. The machine has banned guns in the city (we see how well that plan worked) and the crime rate shows no signs of plunging. If only we in Illinois could saw Chicago off the state and let it float away across the Great Lakes! Our state would then be a red state and most of our economic problems would float away with the city...we can dream, can't we?

Joe said...

Even if liberals got it (which I think some do), they could NEVER admit that they got it, because then they would have to lower taxes, which to them is an anathama.

Silverfiddle said...

Linda, I know a lot of people from your state who would love to cut Chicago loose. It's a good state filled with good, hard working people. I hope you guys can wake up and turn things around.

WomanHonorThyself said...

more and more and more taxes!..of course we have to PAY for all the crackheads and illegals..ack!!!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

It is useless to try and argue with or convince morons on anything.

Fredd said...

Not only do they lie about taxes, they lie about everything.


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