Thursday, July 22, 2010

Immigration: Is The West Waking Up?


For the doctrines of anti-racism and multiculturalism have not ended intolerance, prejudice or discrimination. They have instead institutionalised reverse discrimination and up-ended truth, morality and justice. -- Melanie Phillips 

Australian Liberals Rethink Immigration

Melanie Phillips writes about Australia’s new Labor Party Prime Minister.
Here is a politician with a solid pedigree on the ‘anti-racist’ Left rejecting former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s call for a ‘Big Australia’ formed by continuing large-scale immigration.

Instead, Gillard has said she understands the anxieties of folk in western Sydney, western Melbourne or the Gold Coast growth corridor in Queensland.

As for the boats of asylum-seekers, Gillard has made clear she wants to be even more effective in stopping them in order to protect ‘our sanctuary’ and ‘the Australian way’.
Great Britain is also opening its eyes...
A similar political convulsion is occurring in Britain. The Conservative Home Secretary, Theresa May, has promised to put a cap on immigration, a pledge that was in the Conservative manifesto but rarely mentioned during the election campaign.

Now that our Western cousins have broken the global taboo, can we open up a few topics of conversation here in the US as well?

Can we point out that fundamentalist Islam and its Sharia law is incompatible with our Constitution and our God-given freedoms?  And that it is diametrically opposed to the fundamental values our country was founded upon?

Can we ask why Muslim “refugees” must take refuge in a Western country? Why can’t they instead go to a country hospitable to their beliefs, like another Muslim country? Saudi Arabia, home of Mecca, would be a great destination.

Of course, refugees who repudiate the 7th Centrury obscurantism and misogyny of fundamentalist Islam and embrace our values, like Aayan Hirsi Ali, are always welcome.

Can we now proudly stand for our culture and our values without being called racist? Muslims do it, why can’t we?

Can we also say that we have nothing against Mexicans and other Latin Americans, but that we just want them to enter our country legally and learn English so they can participate fully in the American dream?

Borders, Language, Culture
Progressives don’t want to hear it because it comes from Doc Savage, but it really is about “Borders, Language and Culture.” That is what defines a people. Break them down and you destroy a nation.

Sharia in The West is like urine in a water hole; any amount is too much.
-- Pat Condell


Ray said...

Once we remove this cabal of loons and goons we will hopefully rid congress of the 'Wall whiners' and finish that thing.

Then no more Muz immigrants until Islam is eradicated.

If it was me I'd electrify the fence with a treadmill at Sheriff Joes tent city with illegals running on it like hamsters.. Then open the gate and let their momentum keep em running right back over the border with their pink undies on!

Silverfiddle said...

"If it was me I'd electrify the fence with a treadmill at Sheriff Joes tent city with illegals running on it like hamsters.

You crack me up man!

Ray said...

Hey green energy Amigo! It's also a job Americans won't do so it fits right in the lib paradigm ;)

Trestin said...

We need to ask ourselves. Do we really need many immigrants? When we were pushing west and opening up the frontier immigrates were essential. But now? I think we can be more selective about who we let in this country.

WomanHonorThyself said...

now that we're indundated with may be too late.........Have an awesome day..another scorcher in NYC!..:)

Leticia said...

The Muslims aren't stupid and they see that there is a Muslim sympathizer in the White House, they aren't going anywhere, not anytime soon and that goes for the illegals.

We need to have a huge, tall electrified fence that will shock the heck out of the illegals and make them think twice before crossing our borders illegally.

I want our nation back.

Silverfiddle said...

Leticia: You are Ray are on the same wavelength on this one...

I'm tired of it also. Two illegals boosted an 82-year old American's low boy trailer, he shoots one of them, and he's the one up on felony charges. Wheatridge, Colorado. Too close to Denver I guess...

Ray said...

Morning C and we see these all day long in every dang city large and small, and yet GhettObama and libs still protect these frickin flucking illegals!!! grrrr..

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