Friday, April 30, 2010

They Can't Even Decide What to Call Themselves

Social engineers used the word Progressive to describe themselves when they started their long march over 100 years ago.  

They discredited the word "Progressive" through the actions of such progressive racist luminaries as Margaret Sanger and US President Woodrow Wilson.  The Mussolini worship certainly didn't help the cause, so they abandoned the moniker and misappropriated the label, "liberal."  I say misappropriate because there was and is nothing liberal about them other than kinky sex, drug use, unbridled christian bashing and the killing of the unborn.

They certainly are not liberal when it comes to appreciating a diversity of thought.  Thou shalt not question global warming!  Reverend Al Gore says so!

Their defense of our natural rights to homosexuality and drug use would ring truer if they would also recognize the right to freely speak about God in the public square, and more importantly, the right to be left alone and to not be pestered and pick-pocketed by government busybodies.

There is nothing more doctrinaire, dogmatic and downright illiberal than today's activist American liberal.  

Now that they have besotted and besmirched the word "liberal," (it's an insult now), they've gone back to using "progressive," banking on the American public's famous ignorance of history.

As C.S. Lewis observed, it's not progress if you're moving forward down the wrong road going the wrong way.


Journalizer said...

I have long been confused by the "misappropriation" of terms. I cannot understand how Americans do not comprehend the assbackwards use of words by the political left... and probably all politicians, but using the term "liberal" ("liberate" as in liberation, freedom) to describe the philosophy of scarcity, lawful judgment, and the plundering of wealth and prosperity is absurd to me. In 21st Century America up is down, back is front, hot is cold, freedom is despotism.

... but Silverfiddle, FINALLY my business is earning income and now I have the resources to plan the most INSANELY PATRIOTIC wedding ever planned! I am planning it in an historic venue in Philadelphia of the FIRST AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARIES!

..... THEN I AM GETTING THE HELL OUT OF DODGE and moving to the freest State in America! I need to be with like-minded people. I can no longer live in the city where scarcity, judgment and indoctrination abound.

...phew... "Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Silverfiddle said...

That is awesome, Journalizer!

New Hampshire needs people like you and your (I assume like-minded) future husband!

I used to go up there on business, and the natives were complaining about all the Bostonians moving in and dragging their stinking liberalism with them, wrecking the state. As you can see liberalism has crept in, so they need people like you to tip the balance back the the right.

I hope you'll keep us posted!

Always On Watch said...

As C.S. Lewis observed, it's not progress if you're moving forward down the wrong road going the wrong way.

Now there's wisdom!

C.S. Lewis was one smart guy, I tell ya.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Silverfiddle and Always On Watch,

On C.S. Lewis' quote: Like my dad used to quote;

"Looks like the East end of a cow going West".

KOOK said...

Great post Silverfiddle! I have posted on this as well, quite a while back, but you said it much more succinctly

KOOK said...

And that is a freaking KICK ASS bumper sticker/banner/graphic

Journalizer said...

ditto that (about kick ass graphic).

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks! I worked that one up myself! Feel free to steal it and use it flagrantly and indiscriminately!

Leticia said...

Very creative banner! It speaks volumes.

I find it rather amusing how they keep changing their names around and expect people to forget, who are they kidding?

C.S. Lewis hit it on the mark.

Grung_e_Gene said...

Ok, SF I mentioned the banner graphic before but since you are getting accolades and being lauded for it I'll mention again:

I know you want to lump everything *EVIL* like Satanism, Anarchy, Communism and islam together under the Banner Democrat but it's lame. If Obama is a Marxist then the last thing he wants is anarchy because that takes away from the power of the state and his personal power. And satanists are not muslims, I should know.

Oh and C.S> Lewis was most assuredly a lunatic.

Silverfiddle said...

Yes Gene, this bumper sticker is an inconsistent, incoherent mess, just like the Democrats' politburo-centric dogma disguised as liberal ideology.

There's a method to the madness.

And I'm sure C.S. Lewis is shedding a tear somewhere in the great beyond because Grung_e_Gene holds him in such low esteem...

Grung_e_Gene said...

I sure CS Lewis doesn't, but he's dead and it's his blind brainwashed Worshippers who keep his drivel alive today just like his jewish zombie "god".

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah Gene, you atheist libs are far superior, worshiping living human beings who promise to make the seas recede...

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