Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wise Words from a Wise Man

Reverend Gregori makes me laugh and makes me think.  He has been posting his messages on YouTube, and the poop throwing monkeys on the left have been posting monosyllabic fleckspittle, foam at the mouth rants against his common sense messages. 

"Jesus told us to love our enemies, but never said anything about putting up with liberal morons" is classic!

Here is his response.

Rock on, Reverend! You are doing God's work.


DeanO said...

Oh, this was good.

Finntann said...

Give'em Heck Rev!

Dia dhuit es Muire


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Good find!

I have yet to look into this guy but ny God he speaks my language!
I mean every frickin word!

Silverfiddle said...

His blog is Let The Truth Be Known

It's also in my favorite blogs list on the right.

Snarky Basterd said...

That's a prime rant by Abouna. It's been too long since I visited his place. Thanks for the reminder to do so.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Hey, Thanks for posting my rant video. I hope you get some libtards who sneak over here who may watch it. Maybe they will learn a thing or two.

Silverfiddle said...

No problem, Reverend. I enjoy sharing good stuff. And it was far from a rant. You made a well reasoned case for religious people staying engaged, and you really laid out the facts on the poop slinging chimpanzees on the left.

Lisa said...

that was great. I am amazed how the left has collectively convinced people that the party of demons will coddle them through life while being used in the process. This is why they go after the poor and uneducated.
There's no need for facts.

Canadian Pragmatist said...

Please allow me to educate you first reverend.

I'm against those black christian churches as well.

"the real history of America..." You mean, that not found in published books, but on toilet stall doors?

Just because you disagree with Obama's 'socialist' policies it doesn't mean you are a racist.

So, far these are all straw men arguments. That is (for the sake of your education reverend) an argument against a falsely constructed weak argument no one actually makes seriously.

Xenophobes are almost always against immigration. You could be against it and not a xenophobe, but there are no xenophobes who are not against immigration (so please excuse the confusion).

'Homophobe' not mean a fear of mankind. It's not just that two words (one greek and one latin) are put together and meant to be read exactly that way. They gain a different meaning when put together in english:

It means a fear of homosexuality. For the record I don't think you are a homophobe. I think you're a bigot.

Mental disorders are real things. The DSM lists none of the disorders you named. That's why you're a reverend and not a professor.

I can't speak for the actions of others. Both liberals and conservatives do stupid things.

You don't suffer from sexual addiction, you enjoy it. Maybe you've been doing it wrong reverend.

Even though you don't vote for a president, when you live in a democratic country, you must respect that enough other Americans did and that he has rightful rule. That's what it means to live in a democracy reverend.

Taxing is not stealing.

Class dismissed.

Silverfiddle said...

CP: I recommend you do a little reading of the US news. People who disagree with Obama are called racist, even by liberal columnists, sot it is not a straw man argument.

And his etymology concerning the word word homophobe is accurate. Maybe the agitprop lefties who invented the word intended something else, but the Reverend's philology is correct.

Lisa said...

Taxing is not stealing

But taxing for irresponsible spending waste and fraud is. Not to mention putting the country in 12 trillion dollars worth of unsustainable debt and counting.
In a democracy we have every right to oppose it and protest against it.
This guy took a stall in the economy and exasperated it by slight of hand . That is not democratic. That is communism light.

Canadian Pragmatist said...

"A stall"? Lisa. I thought you conservatives were supposed to be realists. The USA would be the USC (and not the college, but the United States of China) if it wasn't for some of Obama's work.

Silverfiddle, just b/c some argue it, it doesn't mean I have to defend it. I don't expect you to defend every word out of Hannity, Beck or Limbaugh's mouths. You shouldn't expect anything like that of me either. I defend only my own arguments and those I endorse.

Words are not defined for the life of a language upon inception. They live! "Gay" used to mean "joyous".

Homophobia, unlike the rest of the disorders the rev. listed is actually a disorder (ironically)! I don't know if he suffers from it, but I sure do know that anyone against Gay rights is a bigot. So, why doesn't he defend his bigotry rather than his possible diseases and disorders.

I know you are against gay rights too. I'll argue for one of the most mistreated minorities in America while you argue against them.

Why don't you write a bigoted blog post against them so we can start?

Canadian Pragmatist said...

Again, for me, saying you're a reverend is like saying your a mob member. I have no respect for either group.

Silverfiddle said...

Typical liberal talking points.

- Words only mean what you say they mean (control the vocabulary, control the debate).

- Call your opponent a bigot (therefore not worth arguing with). I am for all people having the same rights.

Lisa said...

CP-Obama didn't have to save GM or should I say his Union Supporters. The government has been the biggest gamer of the system. Starting with the government forcing banks, who would have otherwise not)given mortgages to those with no credit and who would never have qualified for a mortgage.
Also this admins spent 800 billion to keep unemployment below 8% and now we are in some places 15-20%.
All we needed to do was to save the banking system which by the way Obama didn't start. They just had a laundry list of programs they implemented to add to the bankrupt programs we already have no money for.

But the liberal way is to be overly "kind" to their own detriment.
By the way how many illegal immigrant does your counr pay for. They say here it's 20 million but I can bet it's alot more than that.
If our politicians cost a company money the way they cost us they'd have been canned a long time ago.
By the way my neighbor has an aunt who came here from Canada for a ctaract operation becase sh had a year's waiting list. I guess if you have money you can get immediate care in some countries still.

Canadian Pragmatist said...

That's what Shakespeare said about the english language - that it's alive - Silverfiddle. I don't control the language. People do. Also, every academic organization and the dictionaries do - to some extent. They all side with me. If what I said is typical, it is typical of the english language, not liberals.

Anyone against gay rights is definably a bigot (that might not be you). I'll still debate them. I think it's more worth debating a bigot. Presumably changing their mind would be a good thing.

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