Sunday, April 18, 2010

You've Got Hate Mail!

This just came in over the transom...  

This reader was upset by my reprinting the old e-mail "the difference between liberals and conservatives."  

Do I engage in hyperbole?  Yes!  Do I lampoon the left?  Yes!  They've earned it!  

I never realized that a group of people who paint hitler mustaches on Bush and who wish ill on right wing pundits could be so sensitive.

I print his e-mail in its entirety:  

So why is it that you can pretend to be reasonable and objective and talk about facts here yet your blog is a Dionysian orgy of dishonest liberal bashing and licentious stereotyping catering to the small minded, ill informed,hate filled trolls who will cheer any libel or calumny no matter how idiotic or preposterous?

Frankly it's disgusting and if Swash Zone blocks you, I for once wouldn't protest. I spent some time at your blog this morning and not only found nothing of merit, but done in every last sordid and gleeful detail all the things you attribute to "Liberals" alone.

You can giggle and wriggle, snarl and snicker at just how terrible it is that those "stupid liberals" would imagine any racism or bigotry on the part of the people you support, yet there you are, telling your coven how "liberals" hate your religion, want to ban it and support "foreign religions." Yes, liberals are Nazis and no, that's not hyperbolic nor is the picture of the "liberal" with the money bag and a gun to his head hypergolic. Oh no, you're not a rabble rouser - youre a responsible journalist who cares about the truth of what you're saying, who cares about the effects of fostering lies, promoting fear and hatred. You're a learned economist, social philosopher and a constructive objective critic and I of course am the festering, hatemonger and oh, so stupid liberal who wants to eat your grandmother, just like "Obummer."

Pray tell, what are foreign religions? Catholicism, Greek Orthodox, Buddhism, Judaism, Lutheranism, the Baptists? The only religions that originated here are the mormons and the scientologists,yet all these and more are as American as the constitution, protected by the constitution just as we are protected against them by that same constitution. Are you trying to identify "liberals" with bin Laden? Are you trying to tell your cheerleaders that by being a liberal, I'm somehow sucking off the government teat and taking all those millions from your doubtless deep pockets? Because if you are, you're lying and if you're wrong about me, then you're lying about liberals too.

Unfortunately nothing protects us from the rage of fools and hypocrites, the witch hunting of small and deranged minds and as of now- too much encourages them. There's a whole industry built on lying to the masses about who their enemies are and you know damned well it's the tool of tyrants and monsters and you invite comparison by participating in it. Don't feel too hurt, it's not Godwin's anything, it's your own words begging for that association.

You're not Tom Paine, old man, you're not even John Brown. It's not just the writing, it's the fact that the cause inspires people to ignoble violence, not to push back against conservative religious and political and social repression. Like Beck and Palin and Coulter and Rush you're an amateur entertainer riding on their coat tails and I'm deeply disappointed not to be able to find one self-described"conservative" who is any better or who doesn't deeply desire the end of liberty for everyone but a select group. Sad thing it is that I too can hear the echoes of breaking glass and spilled beer and the sound of authoritarian boot heels kicking down doors.

Western Hero - sure. Ypppie ki aye ay, motherfucker.


Endo_2011 said...

someone has some issues!

Silverfiddle said...

But he writes well...

Octopus said...

There is a difference between posting a comment in a public forum versus sending a private email. Passersby, meaning the general public, may read any weblog comment posted to a public forum. Private email is intended for a specific person. It connotes a privileged and confidential communication.

When you post private email to a public forum WITHOUT the expressed permission of the sender, you have committed a fundamental breach of privacy and confidentiality. You have violated a basic trust.

Silverfish, in posting this confidential and privileged email, you have demonstrated that you are fundamentally dishonest, untrustworthy, and toxic.

You are no longer welcome at the Swash Zone, and all your future comments will be deleted forthwith.

Endo_2011 said...

I believe one gives up their right to any expected level of privacy when that person sends an unsolicited email to a relative unknown entity.

You may have had a point if the said email had certain disclosures attached; however, I doubt this was the case.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...


You are incorrect. There is no impliset expectancy of privacy in email. If the sender wishes there be, then it is their duty to inform the intended reciever.

Furthermore, being the email is directly related to the blog in that it "responds" to a particular blog post, then the sender is fully aware that those words may be and in this case be reproduced.

I have no clue to what swash thing you are speaking of and am quite pleased I do not, for it seems people there have no clue as to the Constitution specically the 1st Ammendment.

Silverfiddle said...

Thank you for your opinion, Octo.

We had no such agreement. He sent me an e-mail and I thought it would make an amusing post.

Note I did not include the identity of the correspondent. Although that would have been within my rights, it would have been a nasty thing to do.

I have stolidly stood up for what I thought was right, and I have also agreed with you when I saw your point. It appears you do not like to have your world-view questioned or contradicted, which is your right.

Banned from the Swash Zone? Also your right. I'm dismayed it has come to this.

Silverfiddle said...

And Octo, may I suggest, for the sake of ideological purity, that you obliterate all of my past posts as well?

Perhaps you will find it cathartic throwing me completely down the memory hole.

TKZ said...

"the cause inspires people to ignoble violence"

Well that's plain wrong, and easily disproved. I've seen no violence from this side and no incitements to violence, but I have plenty of examples of that from the left. Not even a 'save education' rally can be non-violent when the left does it.

"'re an amateur entertainer..."

Sweet Silverfiddle!! He said you're an entertainer! :o)

"I'm deeply disappointed not to be able to find one self-described "conservative" who is any better or who doesn't deeply desire the end of liberty for everyone but a select group."

Excuse me? Obviously this guy doesn't know any conservatives and knows nothing about what we actually believe. His statement is the exact opposite of what we believe. FAIL! "All men are created equal," remember?

"nothing protects us from the rage of fools and hypocrites, the witch hunting of small and deranged minds and as of now - too much encourages them. There's a whole industry built on lying to the masses about who their enemies are and you know damned well it's the tool of tyrants and monsters and you invite comparison by participating in it."

Paranoid much? No really... you're very paranoid and accusatory to the extent of coming off as completely deranged. Maybe the machine you're describing here is actually spewing fear and you've fallen for it. We're not coming after you and we're not encouraging anyone to, so please get over it before you wind up bombing an FBI building. Life's good!

Thanks for sharing Silverfiddle. It was entertaining, even though you're not technically a
"journalist." ;o)

William said...

Two words come to mind when illiberals or regressives give a stunned, doe-in-the-headlights look when their ideas are challenged. Narcissism, and projection. Only an overly inflated ego that has been told throughout their life that they are intellectually and morally superior to any philosophical ideas outside their own narrow world view, could write dribble such as this And of course everything they spew is simply projection of what they stand for. Look no further for evidence than this e-mail. It is exemplary of leftist rhetoric.

And this dolt had the nerve to call you "old man?" Say no more!

DeanO said...

Hm, banned from the Swash Zone...whatever will you do? Lots of big fancy adjectives thrown your way, always a common theme when I read hate mail. What a great read.

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks guys. Psychological projection is right. So many on the left are so damned angry right now, boiling over with hate, so they accuse us of hatred...

TKZ: Maybe I could just be an entertaining non-technical journalist.

I still can't believe I pushed somebody over the edge like this...

Silverfiddle said...

Oh, and I'm not an old man--I'm in my 40's.

Fredd said...

I still am amazed at all of the trolling you do on these liberal sites, Silver.

You have to know nothing you say will change any minds, and yet you welcome these guys' thoughts. Yet you continue to poke them, prod them, and when they howl in protest, you point at them as though this is somehow news. Dog bites man.

Did I already tell you about my parabel about poking the enraged barking dog with a stick through the picket fence?

If not, let me know, I can fill you in. It's apt.

Silverfiddle said...

Do I detect some scolding, Fredd? I probably deserve it...

No, I haven't heard the parable. Sounds interesting.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Fredd, I understand your point but I did not see this as being presented as "news" but rather highlighting the insanity emanating from the left.

Snarky Basterd said...

Sounds like someone was turned away from the iTampon line and needed a place to bleed.

Fredd said...

No finger wagging intended on my part, although I guess it does sound that way.

I will relate the parabel when I have a bit more time, in the comments on this post, but I gotta go.

Silverfiddle said...

OK Fredd, and I was not provoking. I was sincere in my efforts.

Redneck Ron said...

What a bunch of crap. When like minds think, good things can be done but unlike minds think. Well, wars have started over that.

Hey pussy, I will say it for everyone but probably get edited again "fuck you" and quit being an arrogant up tight bastard. Go the bathroom and take a shit to get rid all that stress.

Sorry, I am not so melodramatic as my friend. Oh by the way I am tea party member and independent.

Silver your catholic bastard like the rest of us. Got to hammer both sides.

Finntann said...

Wow... I suppose when one can not overcome a reasoned position with logic, insults, or sarcasm then one must resort to censorship.

There is more to fear in he who silences dissent than the dissenter.

Silverfiddle said...

Redneck Ron! You're so eloquent! You right winger you. Have you shot anyone lately?

Yeah, Finn, what you say makes perfect sense, but it's over the heads of the Obama voters. They've read Ploof and Nightmares of my Father, but Orwell is foreign to them...

Fredd said...

Poking at barking dogs with sticks through picket fences.

I used to walk to school in junior high, and passed this house with a dog in the yard who always used to bark at me the whole length of the fence as I passed by.

One day, I picked up a stick prior to reaching the dog's fence, and once there the dog of course would begin its routine: bark, bark, bark. This time, I jabbed at it with the stick, thinking I would show it who's boss.

Rather than be cowed, the dog barked louder and more fiercely. I jabbed it harder. The dog became rabid with rage. And on it went...

The moral of the story - arguing with liberals accomplishes the same thing: no amount of jabbing at them will lead to any reasonable result.

Silverfiddle said...

You're probably right, Fred. I just hate how we're now two camps, each slavering to impose its will on the other.

Ray said...

I agree with Fred on the trolling, that stirs the pot, I don't even have the mettle to bang their empty heads over and over..

"I hate how we're two camps"

I do too but you know what?

I fight like a motherflicker when someone tries to heist my life savings, which comes in handy these days when disabled btw, and I know you would too Kurt.

And Bush didn't start that, he laid the groundwork for Hussein to save it by just getting out of the way which he and the dems who caused it all still won't or can't do.

And that's why you've fought for your country, and yet he can't stand you because you happen to lampoon and dislike traitors, like most of us who can tell the difference.

They, on the other hand can not. They have the humor bone of a flounder.

But, I'm sure he loves those illegals and all the other blood sucking and drawing cockroaches slithering through our borders and airports ..Oh and the ones who went to Microsoft pilot school too.

So, like most of the tribe, he kinda proves himself as exactly what he says he's not, unless he's just got too much time on his hands.

Silverfiddle said...

Yeah Ray, and when we protest at them trying to "heist our life savings," they call us selfish.

I really hate what politics has become. It's all about the money and bribing people to vote for your camp.

Ray said...

Isn't that something right from the Twilight Zone? It has to be because most liberals must not have lost what conservatives lost, which I have no problem believing.

What I can't believe is that they think they're right.

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