Monday, April 5, 2010

Russian Loser Visits Latin American Loser

Vlad the Impaler visits Fidelito Chavez in Venezuela

So the Russians will sell their military junk to a Venezuelan megalomaniac who is losing favor with his own citizens and bankrupting his country. I still don't understand how that impacts US national security.

We should encourage such partnerships in the hope that the negative synergy will hasten the downward spiral of both parties.

Look at the picture.  Simon Bolivar must be yearning to jump out of that portrait and crack Vlad and Chavalito's heads together...

This is an armed skid-row drunk and a heroin addict prostitute who found a thousand dollars on the street and decide to shack up in a seedy motel. It's bound to end badly.

Here's a laugh line from the bloomberg article:

“The world is becoming multipolar,” Mikhail Margelov, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Russia’s upper house of parliament, said yesterday at the event in Caracas. “Latin America is also one of the poles of strength.”

That Russian spokesman is either stupid or he is laying out a gigantic line of BS. A continent whose greatest exports are cocaine and angry, overheated Marxist rhetoric is hardly a "pole of strength."

It's more likely Venezuela will end up being either abandoned or owned by Russia who, unlike America, is impervious to indignant cries of it's "victims" and the clamor of world option. This could actually provide a valuable lesson to the naive.

* - I originally posted this a year and a half ago.  The more things change, the more they stay the same...


KOOK said...

yes, it is true. reading old political speeches...they are the same. The same game gets played over and over and over again, and we, the people, rarely win

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