Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Liberal Anger We Can Believe In

Liberal anger has been in an agitated froth ever since the hope and change banners started sagging

The seas haven't receded, and many unemployed recall wistfully Michelle's lecture on how Barack was going to "make us all work. Work harder than we've ever worked before." If only...

Getting health care "reform" passed has done little to tame their dyspepsia. 

Liberals work themselves up into a purple rage, shouting red-faced rants, shaking their little fists at Faux Nooze, Bu$hitler, Bushit, Rethuglicans, Tea Baggers, Christian Hypocrites, and anything else Keith Olbermann or Rachael Madcow deem hate-worthy.

I gotta admit it's good entertainment, but I feel bad for them. They have placed their faith in political charlatans instead of in themselves and God. That is a recipe for unhappiness.

Conservatives are Happier than Liberals

Arthur C. Brooks has written a book entitled Gross National Happiness about happiness and how it affects societies. He identifies a "Happiness Gap" in America that splits religious conservatives and secular liberals.

Here are the factors that accompany liberal unhappiness:

- Secularism
- Overreliance on government to solve problems
- An addiction to security

Here are the things that make conservatives a happier group:

- Faith in God
- Work (job satisfaction)
- Marriage and Family
- Charitable giving and volunteering
- Freedom (economic, political, religious)

People who expect fulfillment from government are angry because they will always be disappointed. On the other hand, people who go out and git'r done for themselves are much happier.

Many of the latter group don't have much, but what they got is theirs and they got it fair and square through their own hard work. That, along with a loving family and a faith in God Almighty brings a satisfied happiness that no government program can ever hope to match.


Linda said...

Well said! I agree completely.

Ray said...

This was a good one Kurt (not that the others' aren't)

Liked this 'specially...."I gotta admit it's good entertainment, but I feel bad for them.

They have placed their faith in political charlatans instead of in themselves and God"

Indeed. Were they not Godless "leaves blowing in the wind" they'd a learned this as children:

False idols bring much unhappiness and disappoint EVERY SINGLE TIME. If faith isn't placed in God's welcoming hands, it's better directed inwards in oneself than towards snake oil peddling "charlatan's" (as you so aptly characterized their deceptive and also Godless "leaders").

Even the dang Brady Bunch addressed "false idol worship" in their "jump the shark" Hawaiian episode, I do recall.

WomanHonorThyself said...

love the image my friend..says it all!

Silverfiddle said...

Thanks! Ray inspired me to start photo chopping. You wanna see the good stuff visit his place.

Alright Ray! Another after school brady bunch watcher! I remember that episode, btw...

Snarky Basterd said...

Obama's 2012 campaign slogan just might wind up being "arbeit macht frei."

Joe said...

The perfect definition of the left: gimmie; gimmie; gimmie.

Fredd said...

Hopefully all of these unhappy liberals are not going to take their anger out at the polls: angry liberals with a ballot in their hands are just as dangerous if not more so than a bottle of Wild Turkey and a set of car keys (to a 1969 Olds 442) in the fingers of a teenager.

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