Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Commies In Our Back Yard

The Russians are coming!  The Russians are coming!

I'm tired of hearing about Russia and China wooing Latin America, and I'm tired of the hand wringing that accompanies the latest news reports of it.

Latin America is not Uncle Sam's back yard. It is a diverse collection of countries full of people who hate the United States. I think much of the dislike is unjustified and springs from envy, but our history is checkered there, so I won't begrudge the good Latinos their emotions.

It's been a fiery, tempestuous relationship between Uncle Sam and the sexy, exotic land to our south. 

Latin Americans willfully forget our acts of generosity while cataloging our every sin and carving them in stone never to be forgotten. It’s time we dropped the Sisyphean task of force feeding them aid and democracy. Outside of Colombia, Panama and Chile (who did it on their own), it really hasn't done much lasting good.  One could argue that El Salvador and Honduras has benefited from our meddling, but Obama and Hilary are trying their best to push Honduras back to the socialist caudillo bloc.

A dedicated core of socialists across Latin America hate the US and romanticize Russia. Well, it’s time they got a taste of what it’s like to be embraced by the bear. Russia selling their pathetic military junk to gullible caudillos does not threaten the US.

Catch a Falling (Red) Star

The smart governments like Brazil, Chile and Colombia have already forged a confident path for themselves and trade effectively with a variety of world players. They have 21st century economies build upon solid democratic principles. Dealing with China and Russia will do them no harm; avoiding exclusive agreements with any one country actually improves their position.

Meanwhile, tinpot dictators in places like Venezuela and Bolivia (Evo Morales has actually donned a tin hat) will cozy up to Vlad the Impaler, thumbing their noses at the colossus to the north. Fine. They've already gone over the edge anyway. Might as well hitch their fortunes to a falling red star; it'll make the inevitable crash all the more spectacular.



Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

i tend to agree but I also like the Monroe Doctrine. But being that has not worked (ever implemented) then I would say that we neither push or pull them either way but watch them self-destruct.

Anonymous said...

Socialism and Communism is something that will always flow in the bloods of latin american people. Every so many decades the people realize its a self destructing plague and the own people end up overthrowing the corrupt socialist/communist gov. its just a matter of educating new generations and with time all those nations will overcome the damage.

Silverfiddle said...

It appears so, Anon, but perceptions may be deceptive. I believe socialism springs from rich oligarchs crapping all over everybody and calling their rigged game democracy and free-market capitalism when it is anything but.

Venezuela "earned" Chavalito by treating its poor so shabbily.

Always On Watch said...

Latin Americans willfully forget our acts of generosity while cataloging our every sin...

Well said!

As a Spanish major, I know full well how fickle Latinos are when it comes to supporting the United States - never mind how much we support THEM.

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