Monday, March 14, 2011

Liberals Can’t Handle the Truth

Liberals have a reality problem. They just can’t face it.

According to liberals, we're not broke, unions and government create jobs, the schools are just fine and we need to keep giving them more money, big government is great and we need more of it...  It's a catalog of lunacy.  No wonder moderates and independents last November ran screaming from the nuthouse known as the democratic party.

And the dems just don't get it.  They lost Keith Olberman's Countdown, but they now eagerly tune in each night for red-faced ranter Ed Schultz's Nightly Meltdown.

The latest spycam video showed progressive flagship NPR’s true colors, which all already knew anyway. It is a white, east coast, metrosexual effete, snobbish organization. They are anti-Jewish and anti-black. Just ask Juan Williams about the condescending treatment he received from them.

It's not about women, minorities and the oppressed--It's about advancing the statist agenda

Liberals are for women, just not conservative or religious ones like Sarah Palin, or threatened ones like Molly Norris, who is in hiding because 7th century islamists threatened to cut her head off over cartoons. They are for women standing up to powerful oppressors, unless those women live in the Muslim world. Then its ok that they’re oppressed. Liberals stand against sexual harassment and powerful men using their position to gain sexual favors, unless the man is a democrat president, then it’s ok.

Liberals are for blacks and gays, unless they are conservative or decide they want to attend a tea party rally.

You see, it’s not about blacks, or gays or women, it’s about advancing a statist progressive agenda. Minorities, the oppressed and the downtrodden are just extras, props cynically used to advance the agenda.

We want a do over!

Wisconsin is the latest theater of the absurd, where hysterical liberals display their inability to accept reality. The people voted, democrats lost, so they cried and scampered off to Illinois like the cowering cowards they are. Like petulant children refusing to take a bath, they stamped their feet and stuck out their tongues at the electorate.

Now, they are gearing up recall elections, crying “We want a do over!” They cannot accept reality, so they now seek to change it. Good luck with that, although their approach of siding with money-gobbling, capitol-wrecking unions, and standing against the taxpaying voter is a novel approach. More of that reality problem I guess...

FOX - Wisconsin


Proof said...

Recall elections in Wisconsin? Sounds like a great idea! I have fourteen candidates who'll do nicely!

On a more serious note, when your state is strapped for cash, nothing says "fiscal responsibility" like calling for an expensive special election!

Sam Huntington said...

According to liberals, we're not broke, unions and government create jobs, the schools are just fine and we need to keep giving them more money, big government is great and we need more of it... It's a catalog of lunacy.

The genius of your lead paragraph is that it correctly underscores the problem with progressive politicians. Our difficulty with leftists extends far beyond idiocy; they are quite simply, incompetent. We cannot repair a broken sewer with cracked piping—nor can we fix our inept infrastructure by allocating more money. Our public education system is irreparably broken for exactly this reason: no one will admit that the system is broken, and no one is competent to address viable solutions needed to correct America’s downward spiral.

The statist agenda is to advance the interests of the state, but even this is laughable because the greatest single bar to achieving statism is progressive incompetence. Statism may satisfy the long-term interests of Russia, China, Cuba, or even France … but it does not suit the interests of the United States of America —or a free and independent people. Whether we can remain a free people in the face of a progressive assault is another question.

Mark Adams said...

And let us not forget the head honcho himself telling people 'it would be easier to be president of China, he is not scrutinized'.

Lisa said...

Obama is a one man show who doesn't even listen to the Office of Budget Management,not because they are wrong but because if he takes their advice he won't be able to implement the Cloward-Piven theory.
Him and his buddy Soros think they are above all and are going to do what they want or as much as they can which Mark Adams comment pretty much sums up.

Linda said...

"Catalog of lunacy" is the perfect description of the progressive left today! There is not one shred of evidence that any of them have even the most basic measurement of common sense or discernment. Great post, Silver...GREAT!

Mustang said...

Wisconsin wants a do over; isn’t that nice? Well, I want a do-over, too. I want Congress to take us back to 2008 spending levels (although 2001 would be better). I want to remove Nancy Pelosi’s name from the roster of Speakers of the House. I want a recall opportunity for the second communist president of the United States. But I’m not holding my breath.

Will Wisconsin get a do-over? I suspect they will, considering their Secretary of State is in league with the unions.

Jersey McJones said...

This is a disappointingly petty post. Conservatives demand "do-overs" all the time. Conservatives are "for" this group or that group, and then denegrate individuals within those groups all the time. That's not a liberal or conservative idium - it's just being human.

Wisconsin has dealt a serioud blow to the labor movement. Let's see how that plays out. I think conservatives will be disappointed more than me.


Silverfiddle said...

How about an example, Jersey?

MK said...

"According to liberals, we're not broke, unions and government create jobs, the schools are just fine and we need to keep giving them more money, big government is great and we need more of it... It's a catalog of lunacy."

From what i've observed, if they see any problem, it's that the western world isn't socialized enough.

It's like you're crying from the pain of shooting yourself in the foot and liberals answer is to shoot your other foot. Yes, it's a catalog of lunacy.

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