Sunday, March 13, 2011

Are You, or Have You ever been a Muslim?

Look at those stooges protesting “Islamophobia.” Russell Simmons is the king stooge. He should try taking his booty shaking brand of music to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. They also don’t like Buddhists there. I’d like to hear his view of Islam after being clubbed and jailed by religious police.

There is no islamophobia in America. Phobia implies “irrational fear.” First, we are not afraid, we are concerned, and the concern is a rational one.

I wish one reporter would have asked the dingbats in the crowd where Molly Norris is. She’s the American in hiding here in America because bug-eyed head cutters are threatening to kill her in the name of the religion of peace. All because of some cartoons.

It is telling that lefties turn out for prefab agitprop like this
They need something to justify their pathetic, empty little lives. Yeah, Simmons is a millionaire, but he’s a poor excuse for a human being.  He was able to attract only 200 nobodies who need to justify their worth by attaching themselves to someone famous while speaking out against “injustice,” “hate,” “homophobia,” whatever the politburo propagandists tell them is the issue of the day.

What They Won't Protest

It is also telling that you don’t see these people protesting a rotten education system that churns out illiterate and unemployable graduates, disproportionately minorities. They won’t protest the crime-infested sewers so many of our poor people are condemned to, and they contribute to the moral rot with their popular “culture” of bling, objectifying women, and glorifying violence, drugs, criminality and irresponsibility.

You won’t find these sanctimonious herd-mentality simpletons speaking out against female genital mutilation, honor killings or the stoning of women. Hell, they won’t even speak out about human trafficking, sex slavery, hunger or poverty. No, those issues are too pedestrian, no opportunity to let your freak flag fly and bash good Americans.

The rally was full of empty feel-good comments like this from a dhimmi rabbi…
“American Muslims are as fully American as any other faith community,’’
Who has said otherwise? Lefties love attacking those strawmen. Keith Ellison, America’s first Muslim congressman exemplifies how Muslims mischaracterize the issue:
“To say we’re going to investigate a religious minority, and a particular one, I think is the wrong course of action to take,’’
Rep King is not “investigating a religious minority,” and Islam is not on trial. The hearings are to investigate foreign influences radicalizing American Muslims. Muslims should welcome this as an effort to purge the violent and hateful elements that are a stain upon their religion. I know I would welcome any investigation into foreign elements attempting to infiltrate and subvert Christianity, especially if I thought my kids were vulnerable to it.

1% of the Population, 81% of the Terrorists

Representative Keith Ellison (Muslim-Minnesota) blubbered and wailed through his testimony Thursday.  He should have left aside the histrionic agitprop and instead wept over these Justice Department statistics:
more than 80% of all convictions tied to international terrorist groups and homegrown terrorism since 9/11 involve defendants driven by a radical Islamist agenda. Though Muslims represent less than 1% of the American population, they constitute defendants in 186 of the 228 cases the Justice Department lists. (NY Daily News)
It is a failure and a tragedy when an American citizen is enticed to murderous sedition against his country. Good people of all faiths should want to find the root cause so we could stop it. Looks to me like too many would rather keep their heads in the sand.

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Always On Watch said...

Looks to me like too many would rather keep their heads in the sand.

Keeping their heads in the sand means that they don't have to think about what the West should do about all the shari'a-loving and jihadist-wannabe Moslems in our midst -- and about what to do about an ideology that teaches its fundamentalist followers to kill infidels and overthrow the government of the United States.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I really see no need for the hearing(s) as it would seem to even the casual observer what is going on, the government should just go ahead and act on what it already knows and shut the mosques down.

Oh, I forgot, we don't have a functioning government any longer.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what ignorant tools !...I can't stand the ignorance Silver...Have a great Sunday my friend..:)

Jersey McJones said...

Years ago, I wondered why we gave passports to young Saudis like free candy at the fair. Republicans, of course, were the ones doing that. No one on the Right cared.

Why don't you just come out and say what you want to say: 'Why do we allow radicals into the country?'

If, of course, what you're saying is that Islam is the number one cause of terorism, then you're retarded. It's not the religion - it's where they're from and been. Hell! Everyone from some parts of the world are Islamic, just as everyone from other parts of the world have other faiths!

Islam is not and never was the threat. Our involvement in the Islamic world brought all this on. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, don't try to remodel the kitchen and pretend you're a master chef.


Silverfiddle said...

Yeah Jersey, it's just a coincidence that 80% of people convicted of terrorism in the US were muslims...

And yeah, we never should have saved all those Balkan Muslims, Kuwait from Saddam, Iraqis from Saddam and Afghans from the Taliban.

I am with you on that one, which is why I say stay out of Libya. Let them wallow in their own fetid sewer...

MK said...

"1% of the Population, 81% of the Terrorists"

Nicely said and to the point, yet it keeps bouncing off liberals thick skulls. They're nothing if not retarded.

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