Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unions: A Progressive Assault on America

President Obama Calls Wisconsin Budget Bill "Assault on Unions"

He's wrong, as usual.  Unions are an assault on America.  They've destroyed Detroit, and they turned America's industrial heartland into a rust belt.

"We've got a right to organize!"  they shout.  Sure, on your own damned time and your own damned dime!  You've also got a right to STFU, and get back to work doing what the taxpayers are paying you to do.  And while you're at it, could you explain to us why you are more entitled another dollar than the taxpayer that earned it?

Why should laid off workers fund your pension plan and your health care?
Why should private sector workers pay your pension plan, when we have to fund our own?  Why should people who have taken 5, 10 or 20% pay cuts fund you health care when you don't chip in a dime?

The private sector unemployment rate is 10%, what is the government sector unemployment rate?
In the 90's, over 100,000 active duty personnel were unceremoniously tossed from the public payroll.  Where was the outcry?  These same troops also went years with no pay raises.  Where was the liberal concern?

I'm not complaining.  This is how over 80% of us live, and we were doing just fine until the government blew up the economy.  My company simply announced two years ago that they were cutting in half their 401K matching contribution, and pay raises were a fraction of what they were in previous years.  No arbitration, no collective bargaining, just an announcement.  Each worker was free to like it or lump it or take it down the road and dump it.

We have labor laws and contract laws in this country, so lets drop the crap about government workers being abused, not having adequate representation, bla bla bla... 

How do the 80% of us not covered by unions have a “voice?”  Simple.  We talk to the boss and ask for a raise.  If we ask for more than we are worth he tells us no.  If he values us, we strike a deal mutually beneficial to both.

How do you justify a government salary? 
Government makes no profit that workers can demand a share of, as in the private industry.  That's why government unions are an abomination anyway.  FDR knew that and he was opposed to government unions.

Unionism is a fundamental mistrust of the free market place.  Union workers are afraid of getting paid what they are really worth.  It's especially absurd to see credentialed professionals band together in unions, which serves only to protect the shoddiest among them.  Most professions aim to expel the bums from their ranks in order to raise the worth of each professional; teachers unions do the opposite.

Wisconsin Looks Like Egypt, Turned into a Third-World Country by Screaming Idiots in the Democratic Party

Yeah, it's Egypt, and Obama is Mubarack.  The citizens of this country, and the residents of Wisconsin, voted to throw off the shackles of progressivism last November, and the rioting astroturfers in Madison are the government cronies straining to prop up the tyrannical status quo.  We have a president who lost big time in the last election but he refuses to accept the will of the people. Simple-minded liberals transparently capture a meme and then abuse it.  They view themselves as heroic democracy demonstrators in the public square, but it's just the opposite.

Democrats are the party of statism, Republicans are the party of the people
The Democrats are the party of yesterday, staunchly screaming themselves hoarse in defense of a rotten, outdated system that has ushered us to the brink of failure.  Now we have a sitting president unleashing his rabble of community activists, poverty pimps, professional troublemakers and race hustlers upon the capitols of various states.  Yes, the President himself has been implicated in mobilizing the red-faced, rioting hordes that are demanding a deeper reach into the taxpayers' pockets.

Welcome to the third-world.  Brought to you by the statist progressives of the Democratic party.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

While I share many if not all your thoughts here Silver there is a part of me that is just loving all of this.

Why you may inquire?

Simple, liberalism or better said socialism is on full display for all to see CLEARLY. Not just some talking head, journalist or politician but rather real people, your neighbor's gathering enmasse in public seeking to steal from our wallets and bank accounts.

Setting aside the important votes in Madison and elsewhere across the 50 State capitols, any and all future votes by the people should be very easy to make from this point forward.

Always On Watch said...

It's all a part of Obama's New World Order.


Why should private sector workers pay your pension plan, when we have to fund our own? Why should people who have taken 5, 10 or 20% pay cuts fund you health care when you don't chip in a dime?

Some of us in the private sector are paying 50% and over for our benefits.

Always On Watch said...

your neighbor's gathering enmasse in public

And not only our neighbors!

I've read that many out in the streets in Wisconsin are public employees and union members/activists called in from other locations.

Always On Watch said...

The very fact that Obama is fomenting this "unrest" should give all of us pause. He's violating the very principle of federalism as outlined by our Constitution!

Obama is so very far out of line with the kind of America was designed to be that I'm at a loss for words to explain how very dangerous his participation in this matter is.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

@ AOW,,,

I used the term neighbors in a general sense meaning it matters not where the protesters come from but rather their mind-set.

And BTW, without a doubt they are someones neighbor.

tha malcontent said...

Not only is he wrong AGAIN, but once again he is putting his nose in where it don't belong.

Mark Adams said...

Funny how the President weighs in on this (Wisconsin bill) but hasn't (to his own admission) even read the bill with regards to collective bargaining.

Silverfiddle said...

Mark: I would even go so far as to say the president acted stupidly...

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Silver, If I may, would like to correct your statement "the president acted stupidly".

That infers the past tense.

'The president is acting stupidly' better fits the current on-going situation.

Karen Howes said...

You said it with your first sentence-- unions = Marxism.

So naturally Obugger is in their corner.

Leticia said...

Once again, as several have stated, Obama got it wrong. He's on a roll. Nobody stop him and hopefully he will bury himself along with his fellow cronies.

It is a disgrace what those people are doing in Wisconsin. They are setting such a wonderful example to the students. Fire them and replace them with teachers who are willing to work.

Their behavior is reprehensible.

Divine Theatre said...

Unions in and of themselves are innocuous. The moment the government steps in and backs them is when we have a problem. Right now, we have a problem.
My husband belongs to the Fraternal Order of Police, a union that is not allowed to strike. He pays his dues and in return he gets very little. The union has, of course, lobbied on behalf of the PD in contract negotiations with the city. Frankly, they don't even need them in that capacity. I have seen the union lobby on behalf of officers who really should have been fired, so I guess if you are a lousy employee your union dues are well spent for legal representation. Also, I have seen the union assist in situations where there is a cry of racism or unjustified use of force.
If you join many police departments you are FORCED to join the union.
The union has also helped with a recent pension dispute, wherin the city failed to pay into the pension fund for ten years.
My husband and I both agree that unions are unnecessary in the public sector. There is nothing wrong with working in the public sector and expecting your contracts to be honored, though. Nothing at all. If one has a contract one does not need a union.

Lisa said...

the only ones who need the unions are the corrupt union bosses.
Isn't this why republicans got elected? You know like the reason Obama got elected was to push his unpopular policies. The only difference is this makes fiscal sense.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I for one would like to see unions banned. I belonged to two different unions many years ago and they were nothing more then commie leaning rip off artists. It has been primarily unions that have caused most, if not all of our manufacturing jobs to leave the U.S.

Most people don't realize it, but it was the A.F.L/C.I.O that helped to foment and fund the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 that led to the Communist Soviet Union.

Lisa said...

Didn't know that Reverend. Interesting

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