Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Progressive Doomsday Device

Progressives are already snickering in giddy anticipation of the voter backlash against GOP budget cuts…

Read along with me what this little handmaiden of big government has to say...

The politics become volatile and incendiary when the rubber of deficit reduction meets the road of pain and suffering imposed on individual voters. The polls today are irrelevant. Public opinion will shift in dramatic and unpredictable ways once the happy drunk of deficit-reduction promises brings the hangover headache of deciding which voters will suffer what pain. (Brent Budowsky – The Hill)
Notice how the statist commentator steals the “drunk” analogy from those who apply it to big spenders, and now uses it against those wanting to stop the profligacy? Neat rhetorical trick.

But this is the operative part of the quote: “…deciding which voters will suffer what pain.”

We're All Crack Whores Now
That is the beautiful trap progressives built into their grand scheme. Spread it around, hand the government-issued crack cocaine out to everyone. Middle class parents whose children eat subsidize school lunches. Retirees with hundreds of thousands in retirement nesteggs who are conditioned to the idea of a monthly government check. Government-subsidized train travel. Education grants and cheap student loans…

It’s all bound so tightly, any scalpel wielding politician is bound to draw blood.  We’re all hooked. We’re crack whores who break out in the cold sweats every time we contemplate escaping Uncle Sugar the pimp daddy.

In the cold war movie Dr Strangelove, a rogue Air Force general launches bombers with no way to call them back in the hopes of nuking the Russkies before they can retaliate. His plan is foiled when the Russians declare they have a previously undisclosed “doomsday machine,” that will automatically launch all their nukes, there’s no way to stop it.

Statists have done the same with their progressive programs. Knife-wielders in green eyeshades find themselves lost in a funhouse maze, nowhere to turn, nowhere to cut where someone won’t scream in agony. The progressives have turned the goodie-dispensing federal government into a giant doomsday machine that will blow up in the faces of anyone trying to dismantle it. The big spenders can just sit back and chuckle as the slashers piss off more and more voters.

Defunding the Democratic Party

As the teachers unions abandon our kids and their schools to swarm Madison like a throbbing horde of third-world lunatics, liberal columnist Kevin Drum makes an excellent point.  He complains that Republicans who are dismantling government programs and cutting spending are “defunding the Democratic party.”

A brilliant observation!  Democrats have been buying votes with our tax dollars for the better part of 80 years now.  It’s time to put a stop to it.

MSNBC – Republican Cuts


Divine Theatre said...

Awesome post, Silver!
I say give Ron Paul a chainsaw while we're at it!

Shane Atwell said...

The ace in our pocket is to cut regulation. Only people complaining would be the big companies the regulations protect from competition. And some leftist blowhards. But the expanding freedom would mean more production, better jobs, etc. w/o cutting entitlements.

Jersey McJones said...

What an analogy! Food, transportation, assistance for the elderly - crack!


At least Democrats raise money from working people, unlike the sleazy GOP, utterly dependent on their corporate masters.


Silverfiddle said...

Your argument is founded upon the false premise that says "If government doesn't do it, it won't get done."

And the Demican vs Republicrat MSNBC BS means nothing here. We are thinking people.

Crony crapitalism is a bipartisan sport and you know it. Just ask the president's new best friend, Jeffrey HeMelts.

Finally, your last statement is partially correct. I like how you turn "Pick the pockets of" into "raise money from."

Keep churning that statist propaganda! Uncle Obama is counting on you to prop up the rotten status quo!

Rational Nation USA said...

Shane has it about right. Beyond that prepare for a continued and worsening very un-enjoyable ride folks.

The fact is... most everyone wants their "fix" from "Uncle Sam", whatever form it comes in.

We have been conditioned. The conditioning started over 110 years ago.

Capitalism as it should be died when businessmen crawled into bed with the government to get "theirs."

And... The Beat Goes On.

But hey, we will have a lot of company when it all explodes.


Rational Nation USA said...

Oh, and don't forget the "Compassionate Conservatives" high rolling big spenders of the Bush years. And the President that lost the veto pen apparently.

A lot to spread around don't you think?

Mustang said...

I assume “Brent” supports the rather insane idea that federal, state, and local governments should continue spending their citizens into oblivion then? Sounds like a very good plan —every bit as thoughtful as anything imposed upon us by the DC Madam and her entourage of leftist pimps. Government has never seen a tax it didn’t like … and the worst of this lot are the Progressive Communists (Nee democrats) who long ago relinquished any adherence to federalist principles.

This would include the right of states, as sovereign entities, to govern themselves without undue (unconstitutional) interference from the federal government —which has limited (enumerated) authority. I do admit to having laughed out loud at Kevin’s phrase, “Republican jihad.” It is a phrase uttered by nimrods that have absolutely no problem with Islamic jihad, but then I keep reminding myself that progressive inconsistencies are unlimited in number. Kevin is wrong about one thing, though: Republicans aren’t doing this; Progressives are doing it to themselves. I see no reason to interdict this: —let the progressive movement die of its self-inflicted wounds.

Dixon Webb said...

Hi Ho Silver . . . Good post. A couple of strange comments from other readers. I just can't wrap my head aroung the idea that I am entitled to something I don't earn. People who CAN earn should pay their own way. People who CAN but WON'T should stew in their own damn juice. People who CAN'T should qualify for either private charity or special aid from the government. Who's running this ship anyway? Bump

Silverfiddle said...

Thank you, sir. I fear we will only learn the wise lessons you impart when we've run out of money.

Jersey McJones said...

The Old Man Himself,

You DO earn what you get back. THAT is what they mean by "entitlements." You pay hard earned taxes for that. You work hard, you take care of your family, you make America a better place, you deserve to be secure in your silver years. You pay for that priviledge. And it is a priviledge to be born in the USA.

I don't mind if I have to pay a little more for that right now. No big deal. Over the next twenty years the Baby Boomers will retire, and their lock on most of the wealth in America will be opened, and we will boom once again. No president or congress can change that fact. It's going to happen. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, whoever, do not change that fact. No political ideology will change that fact. It's simply going to happen. And the country will start growing again, pay it's debts, and take care of our own. And the GOP will fail miserably, as they always do. It's the Democrats


I am a capitalist. I believe that if the public genuinely wants something, they'll pay for it, and if they genuinely need something, and it's ubiquitous and unprofitable, they will expect the government to do it for them. In a republic like ours, that government should be able to do that. I will never understand what you have against the US government. Sure, they aren't perfect, but it's the best system we've conceived thus far. ;)


Silverfiddle said...

Well, we agree that it ain't perfect, anyway.

I have nothing against the US Government I worked for it for many years in uniform. It just needs to get back in its constitutional box, and that includes curtailing foreign military adventures.

This is the greatest nation in the history of man, I want it to stay that way.

Divine Theatre said...

No, Jersey, entitlements are not earned. Hence the ginormous inner city welfare population whose only contribution is to keep Law Enforcement in business and to exhale carbon dioxide for the benefit of plants.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

If the Republicans, through the dismantling of government programs and cutting spending is actually defunding the Democratic party, then I say: DEFUND AWAY!

The Javelina Bomb said...

I always think it's hilarious when liberals say, "I don't mind paying a little more." Really? The whole point of entitlements is that you get back more than you put in. That's how pyramid schemes work.

Randy said...

I'm with "The Old Man Himself".

I don't want something that was forced from someone else. It is wrong for me to put a gun to your head to take something you have, no matter what I'm using it for; it is no less wrong for the government or anyone else to do the same. Jersey, you are not entitled to anything of mine, just because you may have been born here, or may work hard, or even pay have had taxes taken from you. You are only entitled to something of mine if you and I voluntarily agreed on trading something of value. Anything else is theft. I do not believe in the initiation of force.

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