Monday, February 7, 2011

See Something, Say Something

The Artistry of Chicago Ray

Be a good American.  Spy on your neighbors and report suspicious activity

Janet Napoleonitano, Kommissar of Heimatland Sicherheit, tells us if we see something, to say something

What?  Like turning in someone who's smoking?  Or kids reporting on parents who own too many guns?  Activities like terrorist-sponsors building mosques are exempt from reporting requirements, I've been told

OK.  I see lot's of stuff, so I'll say something...

I see a bloated bureaucracy making air travel resemble a miserable cattle drive ending at the meat packing plant, with baaing and mooing humans being herded through lanes and gates, harangued, felt up and stripped.  I also see that this bureaucratic organization has stopped not one terrorist.

I see a bipartisan clutch of progressive statists trampling the rights of free people as they wipe their feet on the constitution upon entering the capital.

I see someone gave Britain's nuclear secrets to Russia.  Spies?  No.  The blundering idiots in the Obama Administration.

I see a ship of state careening out of control, with a  dithering incompetent boob at the helm.

I see politicians spending money we don't have, forcing us to the brink of bankruptcy, and I see a foolish electorate who keeps sending them back to the District of Criminals for further thievery, lying, scamming and scandal-making.

I see a government that churns out dense bureaucratic sludge by the ton, and then sells exemptions to the moneyed and the lawyered who know how to play the game.
I see an economic ignoramus lashing out at businesses from the White House, admonishing them that they have a "responsibility to help the economy grow."  Meanwhile, he makes state-sponsored deals with crony crapitalists while crushing the rest with burdensome taxes and regulations. Only a socialist would feel that businesses must be scolded into making money.

I see a US President who has completely ignored the American people, hypocritically tell an Egyptian president to "Listen to the people."

I see a border that is an international joke, employment laws ignored, and a social welfare state that has made us the suckers of the world.

Is that the kind of stuff we're supposed to say something about Janet?


Always On Watch said...

Great list!

What do I see?

Our school systems indoctrinating children in leftism and priming them to accept statism as Constitutional.

Sam Huntington said...

Exceptional post, sir.

I see dead people. Anyone involved with appointing Napolitano security secretary has no electricity going on between their ears.

Lisa said...

fabulous post SF as usual. I love the way your mind works.
If someone says anything against the fuhrer they will have to be re-educated.

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

But we must focus like a laser at,,,Wal Mart?

I see the same as you Silver but who do we Americans report it to?

Great post.

Fredd said...

Janet Incompetano is the absolute last human being I would report something I see to.

I would get more results reporting my observations to a stump in my backyard.

Hayden said...

This takes us back to the classic novel "1984" by George Orwell where the citizens are encouraged to spy on their neighbors, parents, friends, family members, co-workers... while the government of Big Brother conducts its criminal activity. Shall we now rename the Dept. of Defense to the Ministry of Love now?

Excellent description of the real issues we are facing, Silverfiddle!

Divine Theatre said...

I recall when I first read this detritus. Can you, for a moment, picture the poor overworked WalMart managers listening to the lunacy of folks who may not have "seen something" but are lined up to "say something"?
Did that woman just take the last box of marked down Cheerios? No problem! Just walk over to that harried looking guy in the itchy polyester pants and let him know that you are CERTAIN that woman has conspired with Al Queda! After all, look at that scarf she is wearing! It screams terrorist! Trendy terrorist, but terrorist nonetheless! ...and her husband has a BEARD! What did I tell you!?
Then, when harried WalMart manager is carting them off for questioning you simply swoop in and grab those Cheerios!
Mission accomplished!

Silverfiddle said...

Thank you all for the kind words. Ridicule is our most potent weapon. How straight-faced "liberals" studiously ignore the Orwellian overtones is beyond me...

Jersey McJones said...

Silver, I can't believe your ignorance of liberal opinion. Liberals HATE the way the Obama administration has continued the police state policies of the past. It is one of our most pointed critiques of the president.


Lisa said...

Liberals HATE the way the Obama administration has continued the police state policies of the past

They may not like it but they sure keep it to themselves.
So does that mean if a liberal sees something they won't say something?

MK said...

"Or kids reporting on parents who own too many guns? Activities like terrorist-sponsors building mosques are exempt from reporting requirements, I've been told"

Well to liberals, law-abiding patriots with guns are more of a threat than some muslim terrorist. The muslim only wants to kill indiscriminately. The law-abiding patriot with a gun will resist the soft-fascism of the big government types.

"Liberals HATE the way the Obama administration has continued the police state policies of the past."

So you'll be voting for the other guy at the next election then, yeah thought as much.

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