Saturday, March 12, 2011

No War! No Logic. No God? No Women...

George Will makes an excellent case of staying the hell out of Libya
Some interventionists are Republicans, whose skepticism about government's abilities to achieve intended effects ends at the water's edge.

The world would be better without Gaddafi. But is that a vital U.S. national interest? If it is, when did it become so? A month ago, no one thought it was.

Libya is a tribal society. What concerning our Iraq and Afghanistan experiences justifies confidence that we understand Libyan dynamics?  (George Will - On Libya, Too Many Questions)

It's a brilliant article.  Every neocon should read it.  Beware those beating war drums who have never been to war.

Growing list of waivers an indictment against Obamacare

1400 waivers, over 2 million people exempted. This is an indictment against Obamacare. If it’s so great, why the exemptions? This was supposed to be manna from heaven!

Another indictment is the tortured logic put forth to justify government power to force everyone to buy a product. (The Hill – Health Care Waivers)

Eradicate Religion? A Fool’s Errand

David Warren explains…
“every human society, from the most primitive to the most outwardly sophisticated, accepts a doctrinal order, and a cosmology to explain it.”
Progressivism:  A Religion of Nothing

...we have an upside-down religion, in which there is no God, but that "Not God" commands an obedience more absolute than God ever required, stipulating everything from the sanctity of antinomian sexual behaviour, down to how we should sort our garbage.
It rides upon an inexhaustible series of mildly fluctuating, but invariably self-contradictory moral and epistemological premises (or more precisely, conceits); and because everything is "relative," nothing may be challenged. It is, as the lively Ann Coulter has suggested, a religion for which an extremely arid Darwinist materialism provides the founding cosmological myth. And abortion is its principal sacrament. (David Warren – We have an Upside Down Religion)
One More thing to worry about...

Niall Ferguson has written a well-documented and worrisome article about an overabundance of men in Asia, thanks to one-child policies, sex selection, and the devaluation of girls...
According to the United Nations, there are far more men than women on the planet. The gender gap is especially pronounced in Asia, where there are 100 million more guys than girls.

According to the German scholar Gunnar Heinsohn, European imperial expansion after 1500 was the result of a male “youth bulge.” Japan’s imperial expansion after 1914 was the result of a similar youth bulge, Heinsohn argues. During the Cold War, it was youth-bulge countries—Algeria, El Salvador, and Lebanon—that saw the worst civil wars and revolutions. Heinsohn has also linked the recent rise of Islamist extremism in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan to an Islamic youth bulge.  (Newsweek – Men Without Women)
Too many men and not enough men always ends in trouble...

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Proof said...

"If it’s so great, why the exemptions?" It's because Obama doesn't want these people to feel the pain until after the 2012 elections. Look for all these "exemptions" to be revoked or expired should The One be re-elected.

dmarks said...

As for beating the drums for war, there's already a war on in Libya.

Jersey McJones said...

Progressivism is not atheism. They are two different things. Ayn Rand was an atheist, for Christ's sake! LOL! Most progressives are and have always been religious, and it is in their religious morality that they find their progressive ideals. Remember, most of the great progressive movements in this country's history sprang from the church!

Atheistic ethics are not "nothing may be challenged." That's just a really, really self-indulgent misrepresentation.

The idea is that ethics are a real, tangible, logical, scientifically valid and understandable laws. However, no athiest I know believes that we have found some perfect ethic, or that we ever could. We do, however, believe we can achieve the best laws we can if we try.

Religious people believe they have found the one true ethic and all others are therefore flawed. Religious people project this view on others, trying to understand and explain them. What they fail to understand, let alone explain, is that some people have a more complex and Socratic way of looking at things.

"Too many men and not enough [wo]men (sp) always ends in trouble..."

EXTREMELY well said.

Also, yes, the Baby Boom in the Islamic world is bad news.

Too many youth and not enough elders always ends in trouble... ;)

Have a great weekend guys!


MK said...

I have to agree that meddling in Libya isn't a good idea, last time I checked they gave up any ambitions of wmds when they saw what happened to Iraq. So long as those savages are not plotting to kill us they can do what they like to each other.

Silverfiddle said...

Dmarks: "Beware those beating war drums who have never been to war" is directed at those who cavalierly shout for us to intervene somewhere without counting the cost or even forming an objective or criteria for success.

Easy to do when one has no skin in the game.

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