Monday, March 21, 2011

Desperate Democrats

Democrats:  Crazy?  Delusional?  or Successful?

The military calls it prepping the battlefield. If you're going to take over a country, you don’t just go in with ground forces.  You first soften things up by taking out industrial centers, intelligence nodes, and air defenses. Propaganda campaigns can also play a critical role.

Reading about the latest Dem strategies, I can only conclude that they believe they have adequately prepped the electoral battlefield. They have poked out the eyes of the voters, clogged our ears with BS, and so disoriented us that we now believe up is down and bad is good.

Senator Schumer is encouraging Democrats to talk about gas prices with their constituents
Democrats are being advised to emphasize high gas prices to their advantage when they go home for a weeklong break next week as they seek to counter GOP criticism levied at the Obama administration. (Politico)
Of course gas prices are higher, and Democrats are to blame!
Petroleum is a dollar-denominated commodity, so as the value of the dollar falls, the price of oil and gasoline climb. Thank you President Obama, Boy Wonder Geithner, and Big Ben Bernanke.

Obama restricting drilling permits on land and off-shore served to lower the supply, resulting in higher gas prices, and the democrats applauded.

Schumer and the dems are urging the president to tap the strategic oil reserved in order to drive gasoline prices down. This is encouraging because it demonstrates that these lefties at least understand the concept of supply and demand and the affect it has on prices.

Now if we can just get them to take the next leap, and and break down the regulatory wall that prevents new refineries from being built. While they are at it, they could also allow more drilling in the US.   If they believe unleashing the strategic reserve will lower prices, then they must agree that pumping more oil will have the same effect.  The Louisiana Lieutenant Governor, who just abandoned the Democratic party to become a Republican, cited Dem opposition to drilling as his reason for switching.

For the other side of the Demagogic party propaganda, see the Oil & Gas Financial Journal article, Why the Oil Companies Make Bad Villains.  Among other things, you will learn that while software companies make on average a profit of 17 cents on every dollar spent, the oil industry makes a mere 8 cents.  Why aren't the demagogic Democrats going after Big Software?

Dems Hope Union Battles Lure Back Independents

Are they crazy? The public unions have pitted themselves against the lower-wage taxpayer and it’s a zero-sum fight over who is more entitled to the loot--those who earned it or government bureaucrats.  Government workers enrich themselves by taking money directly from the pockets of the taxpaying citizen voter.  I don't know how they think this is going to work in their favor.

Either they're desperate or they are dangerously delusional.  Either way, if the GOP can keep it on the rails and actually roll out a coherent agenda, they might just get somewhere.


Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

I vote for delusional.

While they are at it, why not do "spots" on the Mexican border talking about Mexican truckers coming into the States and what they are doing about that.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Every one here in New York State thinks that Schumer is extremely intelligent. I believe it is because he wears his glasses down at the tip of his nose whenever he talks and reads a speech, but the man, like the vast majority of Congressional members is a moron. People shouldn't listen to any of them because they will just make you nuts with their double talk.

Instead of listening to their B.S., just go by their actions.

tha malcontent said...

What I love is the Silence from the lefties (Progressives) about that NUT-JOB in the White House getting us into another war. Their silence is deafening.

MK said...

At some point the electorate is going to have to wake up to all this, it's not enough to just complain about the gas prices, they need to figure out why it's high and how the democratic policy is to blame. Only when they understand the cause of the problem can they start voting for the right people, people who are really looking out for America and not some wretched socialist soft-fascist dream.

Jersey McJones said...


There is no "regulatory wall" keeping out new refineries. There is a trust among the oil companys, cartels, that want to control the output of refineries. We allow that to hapen because we are stupid enough to believe that it is somehow "free market capitalism" allowing this to happen. You are among the people who think this is a good idea. You're biting your own tail.


Rational Nation USA said...

@JMJ - There are no regulatory walls. Please be more specific if possible.

It is my understanding the opposite is true as Silver stated.

As for capitalism. Well, I think we both know real true capitalism has been dieing for some time. The end product of government and a compliant, helpful really, business community working to take us away from capitalism.

Our trading partners smile every time they hear us utter "free market."

Combine our over regulated business sector, higher cost of doing business, and the free market and we are screwed.

The most productive nation in terms of output per man hour (the measurement of productivity)can't effectively compete in the global economy.

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